Griffith-University-Health Medicine Post Graduate – Master Programs

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The table below displays estimated Tuition fees for programs for Griffith University in the Health Study Area. Prices are displayed per Credit Point [CP] and per Griffith’s Equivalent Full-time Student Load [EFTSL] which is 80CP, unless otherwise stated.

List of Tuition fees for students who commenced in 2009
ProgramsCodeCampusFee CategoryPrice per CPPrice per EFTSL
Doctor of Clinical Dentistry1 6018Gold CoastINT_PG_8Q$500.00 $40,000.00
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)2 6010Gold CoastINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)3 6011Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Doctor of Psychology (Forensic)4 6014Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Doctor of Psychology (Organisational)5 6013Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing6 3224NathanINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Childhood Studies7 New!3250LoganINT_PG_2B$177.00 $7,080.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care8 3195Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing9 3073Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies10 3049LoganINT_PG_2B$177.00 $7,080.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Forensic Mental Health11 3154Mt GravattINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology12 3196NathanINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management13 3082South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_2B$177.00 $7,080.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Infection Control and Prevention14 3072LoganINT_PG_3B$246.00 $9,840.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing15 3197Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care16 3198Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Public Health17 3147South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_9C$250.00 $10,000.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health18 3106LoganINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching19 New!3233Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $9,840.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies20 3110Mt GravattINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Diploma of Dentistry21 4136Gold CoastINT_PG_7B$662.00 $52,960.00
Graduate Diploma of Nutrition22 4142Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
Graduate Diploma of Pharmaceutical Science23 4146Gold CoastINT_PG_3B $246.00 $19,680.00
Graduate Diploma of Public Health24 4094South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_9C$250.00 $20,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Public Health Science (International)25 4141NathanINT_PG_9C$250.00 $20,000.00
Master of Advanced Practice26 5424Gold Coast and Logan and NathanINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Advanced Practice with Honours27 5425Gold Coast and Logan and NathanINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Clinical Psychology28 5070Gold CoastINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Clinical Psychology29 5279Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Community Rehabilitation30 New!5513LoganINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00
Master of Dental Technology in Prosthetics31 5402Gold CoastINT_PG_5A$422.00 $33,760.00
Master of Forensic Mental Health32 5416Mt GravattINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00
Master of Forensic Psychology33 5326Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Health Services Management34 5266South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_2B$177.00 $14,160.00
Master of Health Services Management – Advanced (incorporating Honours)35 New!5530South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_2B$177.00 $14,160.00
Master of Health Services Management with Honours36 5405South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_2B$177.00 $14,160.00
Master of Human Services37 5169LoganINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00
Master of Human Services with Honours38 5171LoganINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00
Master of Legal Medicine39 5239Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00
Master of Medical Research40 5433Gold Coast, Logan, Nathan, South BankINT_PG_2B$177.00 $14,160.00
Master of Midwifery41 5230LoganINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Midwifery with Honours42 5244LoganINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics43 5461Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
Master of Organisational Psychology44 5280Mt GravattINT_PG_9B$225.00 $18,000.00
Master of Pharmacy45 5369Gold CoastINT_PG_5A$422.00 $33,760.00
Master of Pharmacy with Honours46 5423Gold CoastINT_PG_5A$422.00 $33,760.00
Master of Physiotherapy47 5320Gold CoastINT_PG_3D$371.00 $29,680.00
Master of Public Health48 5263South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_9C$250.00 $20,000.00
Master of Science in Public Health (International)49 5428NathanINT_PG_9C$250.00 $20,000.00
Master of Social Work50 New!5505Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Social Work51 5476LoganINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Sports Coaching52* New!5508Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
Master of Sports Coaching Honours53 New!5510Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
Master of Suicidology54 5365Mt GravattINT_PG_2D$206.00 $16,480.00


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