Griffith University – Business and Commerce Post Graduate – Master Programs

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The table below displays estimated Tuition fees for Griffith University in the Business and Commerce Study Area.  

Prices are displayed per Credit Point [CP] and per Griffith’s Equivalent Full-time Student Load [EFTSL] which is 80CP, unless otherwise stated.

List of Tuition fees for students who commenced in 2009
ProgramsCodeCampusFee CategoryPrice per CPPrice per EFTSL
Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies1 3141NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $7,600.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Business2 3191Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Business3 3187South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration4 3048Gold CoastINT_PG_4D$280.00 $11,200.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration5 3047South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_4D$280.00 $11,200.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Commerce6 3175Gold CoastINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Commerce7 3174NathanINT_PG_2D$206.00 $8,240.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in eCommerce8 3125NathanINT_PG_2F$270.00 $10,800.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Event Management9 3149Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management10 3189Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management11 3188NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems12 3057NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in International Business13 3102NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $7,600.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in International Business Administration14 3186Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $9,840.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in International Relations15 3142NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $7,600.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in International Tourism and Hospitality Management16 3117Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Marketing17 3069Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Marketing18 3068NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Sport Management19 3105Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $8,520.00 [40CP]
International Master of Business Administration20 5458Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
International Master of Business Administration21 (with work-integrated learning)5457Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
International Master of Business Administration (Advanced)22 5348Gold CoastINT_PG_3B$246.00 $19,680.00
Master of Asian Studies23 5211NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of Business24 5445Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Business Administration25 5159Gold CoastINT_PG_4D$280.00 $22,400.00
Master of Business Administration26 5158South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_4D$280.00 $22,400.00
Master of Business Administration (Advanced)27 5163Gold CoastINT_PG_4D$280.00 $22,400.00
Master of Business Administration (Advanced)28 5162South Bank (Graduate Centre)INT_PG_4D$280.00 $22,400.00
Master of Business with Honours29 5447Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Commerce30 5440Gold CoastINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of Commerce31 5439NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of Commerce (Advanced)32 New!5506Gold CoastINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of Human Resource Management33 5331Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Human Resource Management34 5261NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Human Resource Management with Honours35 5389Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Human Resource Management with Honours36 5262NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Information Systems37 5188NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Information Systems (Advanced)38 5385NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Information Systems Management39 New!5527NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Information Systems with Honours40 5456NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of International Business41 5311NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of International Business with Honours42 5312NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $7,600.00 [40CP]
Master of International Relations43 5388NathanINT_PG_4A$190.00 $15,200.00
Master of Marketing44 5228Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Marketing45 5226NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Marketing with Honours46 5229Gold CoastINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00
Master of Marketing with Honours47 5227NathanINT_PG_4B$213.00 $17,040.00

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