Griffith University – Education Post Graduate – Master Programs

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The table below displays estimated Griffith University Post Graduate – Master Tuition fees in the Education Study Area.

Prices are displayed per Credit Point [CP] and per Griffith’s Equivalent Full-time Student Load [EFTSL] which is 80CP, unless otherwise stated.

List of Tuition fees for students who commenced in 2009
ProgramsCodeCampusFee CategoryPrice per CPPrice per EFTSL
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies1 3029Gold CoastINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies2 3015Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education3 3044Mt Gravatt and Gold CoastINT_PG_2B$177.00 $7,080.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Special Education4 3020Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)5 3025Gold CoastINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)6 3016Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Certificate in Training and Development7 3034Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $7,760.00 [40CP]
Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education8 4148Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Graduate Diploma of Education – Primary9 4030Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Graduate Diploma of Education – Secondary10 (Revised from 2008)4137Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics11 5115Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Arts with Honours in Applied Linguistics12 5122Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Education13 5117Gold CoastINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Education14 5129Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Special Education15 5114Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00
Master of Teaching – Primary16 (International Students Only)5121Gold CoastINT_PG_7A$141.00 $11,280.00
Master of Teaching – Secondary17 (International Students Only)5434Gold CoastINT_PG_7A$141.00 $11,280.00
Master of Training and Development18 5411Mt GravattINT_PG_9A$194.00 $15,520.00


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