Australia Education Glossary

Australia Education Glossary

ACAAE:    Australian Council on Awards in Advanced Education

ACACA:    Australasian Curriculum and Certification Authorities

ACE:         Adult and Community Education

ACT:         Australian Capital Territory

ACTA:       Australian Council on Tertiary Awards

AEI:          Australian Education International

AEI-NOOSR:             Australian Education International – National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition

ANTA:      Australian National Training Authority

AQF:         Australian Qualifications Framework

AQFAB:  Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board

AQTF:      Australian Quality Training Framework

AST:          Australian Scaling Test, Australian Capital Territory

AUQA:      Australian Universities Quality Agency

Australian Government:  the central government of the Commonwealth of Australia

AVCC:      Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee

BSSS:        Board of Senior Secondary Studies, Australian Capital Territory

CAEs:        Colleges of Advanced Education

COAG:      Council of Australian Governments

Commonwealth:  official title of the Australian nation, i.e. Commonwealth of Australia; may also refer to the Australian Government of Australia, i.e. Commonwealth Government, in contrast to the Australian state and territory governments

CRICOS:        Commonwealth [Australian] Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students

DEEWR: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

DEST:       Department of Education, Science and Training

ELICOS:   English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

ENTER:    Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank in Victoria, used to determine admission to university

ESOS:       Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000

FEE-HELP: loan scheme for students studying in a domestic fee-paying place

GAT:         General Achievement Test, Victoria

HECS:       Higher Education Contribution Scheme

HELP:       Higher Education Loan Programme

HESA:       Higher Education Support Act 2003

HEES:       Higher Education Entrance Score in South Australia, used to determine admission to university; now replaced by the Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER)

HSC:         Higher School Certificate, awarded on completion of secondary schooling in New South Wales

IB:                   International Baccalaureat

IEA-A:       International Education Agency – Australia

LOTE:       Languages Other Than English

MCEETYA:  Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs

New Apprentice:  an individual, known as a New Apprentice, who is involved in a training agreement with an employer under the New Apprenticeships which combine practical work with structured training

NSW:         New South Wales

NT:                 Northern Territory

NTBOS:    Northern Territory Board of Studies

NTBS:       Northern Territory Board of Studies

NTCE:      Northern Territory Certificate of Education, awarded on completion of secondary schooling

NTF:         National Training Framework

NTIS:        National Training Information Service, run by the Australian National Training Authority

overseas qualifications:  qualifications gained outside Australia

NTQC:      National Training Quality Council

overseas students:  students from outside Australia studying at Australian institutions located within Australia. Also refers to those studying off-shore, i.e. at an Australian institution which is located outside Australia

private providers:  private institutions and training providers of Vocational Education and Training

preparatory year:  the year before Year 1 in Australian schools, which is known by different names depending on the state or territory

preschool:  the term used for the educational programme two years before Year 1 in Australian schools. This year was previously known by different names depending on the state or territory

professional qualifications:  degree level awards qualifying the holder to practice in a profession such as architecture, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, social work and veterinary science; may include other occupationally-oriented or vocational fields such as business, management, design, hospitality and tourism

QLD:         Queensland

QCE:         Queensland Certificate of Education

QSA:         Queensland Studies Authority

OS-HELP: cash loan to assist students undertake some of their course of study overseas

QTAC:      Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

RATE:       Register of Australian Tertiary Education

RCC:         Recognition of Current Competency

RPL:          Recognition of Prior Learning

RTO:         Registered Training Organisation

RTS:                Research Training Scheme

SA:                  South Australia

SACE:       South Australian Certificate of Education

SATAC:    South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

school leavers:  students who have completed [senior] secondary school, ie. Year 12, and have been awarded a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education; may often be used to refer to those who have met the requirements for entry to higher education through school education in contrast to mature age entrants

self-accrediting institution:  an institution offering higher education programmes which has authority by or under relevant legislation to certify the quality and standards of its own academic programmes

SSABSA:        Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia

TAFE:       Technical and Further Education, usually used in connection with a public college or institute offering Vocational Education and Training. Previously used in the context of technical and vocational education, ie. TAFE education or at TAFE.

TAS:          Tasmania

TQA:         Tasmanian Qualifications Authority

TCE:  Tasmanian Certificate of Education

TEE:         Tertiary Entrance Examination subjects, Western Australia

TER:         Tertiary Entrance Rank, used to determine admission to university in some states and territories

TES:          Tertiary Entrance Score, used to determine admission to university in some states and territories

TISC:         Tertiary Institutions Service Centre, Western Australia

TRA:         Trades Recognition Australia

UAC:         Universities Admission Centre, for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

UAI:          Universities Admission Index, used determine admission to university in some states and territories

VCAA:      Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

VCAL:       Victorian Certificate of Applied LearningVCE:         Victorian Certificate of Education

vocational:  refers to studies or training oriented towards a specific occupation or type of employment; the studies or training can be at secondary, postsecondary or higher education level

VET:          Vocational education and training (VET)

VIC:          Victoria

VQA:         Victorian Qualifications Authority

VTAC:       Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre

WA:                 Western Australia

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