June 2, 2009

Guaranteed Job Placement Offer from CES Embassy Sydney !!!


CES Embassy Sydney offers one guaranteed job offer to their English Students in Sydney. There are certain conditions.


If you are:

– 18 + years old

– enrolled Embassy CES Sydney more then 20 weeks  English Program ( 300 AUD application fee)

– or enrolled the Academic Year Abroad program ( minimum 22 weeks to qualify free job placement) 

– your English level is at least IELTS 4.5 then you are qualified. 



 Ready – Set – Work is a program that offers you the opportunity to improve your language skill, gain valuable work experience, make new friends and earn money while you study.



– contact your local IEA-A Office, fill application form ,attach your CV, sit for English test. Sometimes telephone interview may require.

we will let you know to acceptance to th eprogramme or recommend additonal english study to bring your English to intermediate level. 


What you will receive:

– one-to-one assistance with resume and interview skills

– information about Australian work rules and culture.


What type of jobs are in offer?

-You will offered roles based on job availability, your experience and suitability for the role. Roles that you can expect to be offered include, but are not  limited to , jobs within hospitability and service industries such as cashier, waiting tables, kitchen work, customer services or cleaning. 


How much you will get:

– You do not need to negotiate your wage or worry about being paid less than the Award wage. In sydney, you will be paid between AUD 12 – AUD 17 per hour

– usually you job offer include 12-15 hours per week.  You can work upto 20 hours per week maximum as a student visa holder


Can I get a job that fits with my school hours?

– Yes, the job you will be offered will take into consideration your school timetable.


What Does Ready Set Work guarantee?

– Ready Set Work is a service that guarantees one job offer or a maximum 3 interviews within 8 weeks period calcualted from your date of arrival in Sydney.

If you lose your job within the first six months of your employment due to unavailability of work, Embassy CES will assist you with a second job offer.

If you are dismissed fro a reason other then unavailability of work or choose to leave without a valid reason Embassy CES Sydney will not provide further job assistance.

Failure for no good reason or refusal to attend an interview or trial at the time and date organised by Embassy CES will result in your termination from the program without any refund. 

If you refuse a job offer because it does not meet one or more  of these conditions, Embassy CES Sydney will not secure another job for you and you will not be entitled to a refund.
















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