November 12, 2009

IEA-A Assist to Student affected by closer of Meridian International Schools

International Education Agency – Australia can assist those students affected by the closure of the Meridian International Group of Schools.


Affected Meridian International School students have the right to enrol in any school that they wish and their visa will not be affected. However, if they go to a school which does not respect the student  Tuition Assurance Rights then student will be disadvantaged.


IEA-A works with Institution that is member of ACPET and have offered the student deduction of the tuition paid to Meridian from their course fee. In addition we provide some schools that  are not charging any fee for submission of RPL.


Please be advised that :

•               Students have the right to select the school. It is part of their consumer rights.

•               IEAA will provide them a letter of offer from ACPET registered Institutions with respect to their TAS and consumer rights.

•               We will deduct the Money Paid to Meridian from their tuition.

•               We will not charge them any money for RPL or application of enrolment .

•               Their visa will not be effected if they enrol in a college by themselves.

•               No one has right to tell them NOT TO ENROLL if they want to accept or reject an offer including an ACPET offer. However, if they need to be aware of their TAS right .



•               All students are entitled to a credit free tuition period based on the pre-paid tuition fees they have lost due to the closure of The Meridian colleges

•               The new course must be similarly comparable to the costs and duration listed above, so relocation colleges must be prepared to make amendments where necessary to be able to take students.

•               The displaced students cannot be charged an admission or enrolment fee

•               Students finishing their qualification must be given their Certification/Diploma from the new  college, recognizing their entire studies, not just what they have completed at the new college

•               Students must be given the offer by the new college in writing, which includes costs, payment schedules/schemes and duration of the course

•               RPL cannot be charged for but must be available to each student


International Education Agency – Australia offers new school application and transfer services the following courses:


• Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

• Certificate III in Patisserie

• Diploma of Hospitality Management


International Education Agency – Australia also offers a number of other courses and migration services which you maybe interested in.


You can contact us on +61 2 9232 7055 or email us at  [email protected]  for further information regarding our programs.


International Education Agency – Australia


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