January 22, 2020


Feriha Hanım helped us in many matters and her labor can never be paid for with anything. As I mentioned in the introductory part, my brother was having a visa problem, he saved the student visa from the cancellation of the visa due to an unconscious and wrong transaction made by another agency. The support and interest in the application process we have not seen here in Turkey or in any educational counseling. An education counselor who takes care of you individually, not only during the admission process, but after acceptance, can carry you to the place of your dreams.

Feriha Hanım had a great influence in my life. Best of all, I can add that I got my citizenship. It is invaluable that he guides me in all matters and does not spare his support in any way. In the light of his knowledge and knowledge of Australia’s education system and its rules, I believe that many students have come to very good places.

The Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A and Mrs. Feriha are the only thing that distinguishes me from the others and one of the things I like the most is that she is positive and energetic. As for the education and education system they provide, the levels they have determined and the studies aimed at learning different cultures have helped me develop myself individually. Always guiding me by always telling me what to do without getting tired is my biggest supporter in coming to beautiful places in my life.

Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A I recommend it to everyone with peace of mind and with the many good things I have acquired and I have recommended many of my friends because Ms. Feriha’s knowledge in many areas has always been a light and a guide for all my friends and their stay here.

I have been living in Sydney for 8 years and I am still continuing my education in the profession I want and apart from that I started my own business and I am trying to further it. Thanks to the support of Feriha Hanım, I was able to come to such beautiful places. I would like to thank you for always showing us the right way and never withholding his support and knowledge from us. One word to all my friends and individuals; Don’t hesitate to definitely contact the Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A ‘. It is the only consultancy that can direct you the best way and the right light with its knowledge and equipment.

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