September 2, 2020



I reached the Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A with the research I did online. At that time, the Youtube promotional video presented by Feriha Hanım caught my interest and I decided to work with you. I had a student visa that I had previously canceled. They said that cancellation would be a problem and they would not grant a visa again. However, you have said that I have legal rights, so I will not have any problems other than problems that anyone can have in this regard. And I am currently studying in Australia, thanks to a very well prepared application that summarizes my situation.

I have taken the first steps of my future plans. The difference that separates it from other consulting firms is Experience, Interest and Accurate Profile Analysis. You can provide timely support by acting more faithfully and decisively. Moreover, whenever I wanted to reach you, you were with me patiently.

Thank you very much, once again in these lines. I highly recommend it to all my surroundings. I think the most important feature is Experience and Interest.

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