September 2, 2020


I came to Sydney to study English in 2006 thanks to the assistance and assistance of the Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A. Feriha Hanım and her agency helped me a lot on the way to the best language school and next education. With their knowledge and experience, life in Sydney was a little easier because I still live here as an Australian citizen in Sydney with a planned and scheduled education offer.

Have I completed the training and got a residence permit thanks to the correct information and guidance, now I have my own workplace. Once you have the right and successful guide in an unfamiliar city or country, there is nothing you cannot achieve with your good and hard work. The biggest factor that distinguishes Feriha Hanım and her agency from the others is her relationship and knowledge with many education experts and schools for many years.

I have recommended it to many of my friends and family members, and many of my friends are living here in Sydney, thanks to the help of Mrs. Feriha and her agency like me.

The most important feature of the Agency is to find the best personalized training options and to solve the training path according to the person and to ensure success. I am currently living in Sydney and completing my second diploma, as well as a cife / bar owner in Melbourne, with which I partner. I am also making plans to open another business in Sydney in a short time.

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