September 2, 2020


[Language training + cookery training]

When I decided to study in Australia, a person I knew led me to the Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A and I immediately called. Mrs. Feriha told me all the steps one by one. He has such a beautiful voice; I can listen for hours. I’m 19 years old I think I can be very excited and a little panicked because of my age. Mrs. Feriha and Ms. Ceren listened to me, calmed down and told me in every conversation, and at one point Mrs. Feriha slept for me at 2:00 at night, I was very sad that day. My father could not be with me at this stage due to his job and I had a hard time getting some documents. Ceren Hanım helped me a lot at this stage.

In short, Feriha and Ceren Hanım became one of my family. I love you very much, I definitely recommend it to my friends. The Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A most important feature is that they provide regular, planned and information at every stage.