September 2, 2020


Feriha Hanım described Australia very well in a language that I can understand with its pros and cons. He explained how I should deal with the lifestyle, social life, people, relationships with other immigrants, transportation and most importantly, living standards there. After everything was taken care of about going, he explained in detail which route and public transportation line I would take from the plane to the place where I would stay, and made it very easy for me to overcome my phobia on the first day in a foreign country.

Feriha Hanım illuminated all the blurry points in my head during the mutual meeting in terms of both her objective perspective and her command of the subject. Moreover, he warned me about many issues that are important to me but I am not aware of, and he enabled me to take precautions. These are very important when traveling to a foreign country.

I highly recommend it, I have already recommended it to many people. Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A result-oriented work, mastery of the job and the ability to quickly present a personalized solution without dealing with unnecessary details.

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