September 2, 2020


I accessed your website via the internet, by searching on Google for the new engineering visa to Australia, and reached you with the phone number there. The difference that separates the Australian Immigration and Education Agency from other consultancy institutions is that you have 18 years of experience, you have an official consultancy license given by MARA, and perhaps most importantly, Ms. Feriha is a Licensed Education and Immigration Consultant, and we can confirm this information through the numbers written on the site and Ceren Mrs.’s knowledge of lawyers affiliated with the Australian Government is the most important difference that distinguishes it from other consultancy institutions and it is the most important factor that makes me trust.

After my visa procedures, I recommended it to a friend and I will recommend it to my friends who may need a transaction regarding Australia. The most important thing is that it is reliable and after that the process runs very clearly, clearly and quickly. Since the first day we communicated, the process progressed very quickly and we could be in constant communication. There was no problem. They also provided great support as information and guidance, as they mastered everything we did not know about Australia and related to legal processes.

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