September 2, 2020


[Language training]

I reached the Australian Immigration and Education Agency thanks to my uncle’s wife. She meets Mrs. Feriha from Sydney. Obviously they were helpful with all the paperwork and procedures. They explained all the steps I need to do one by one. They prepared all the documents very well and were helpful at every step. I see their clear and accurate information, apart from a consultancy firm, knowing and analyzing the legal processes of both countries well, as a huge plus and a situation that positively affects the result. Especially my application was very risky. They help even people with visa risks like me to get positive results thanks to their more accurate guidance. Their most important feature is that they are warm, sincere, sincere, and most importantly, they follow closely and work regularly, and they are very willing and realistic to help. I’m in Sydney right now I’m going to language school. Thank you very much for everything.