September 2, 2020


[Subclass 101 is approved within 1 month (standard evaluation period is between 10 – 14 months)]]

I reached you via the internet. Ceren and Feriha Hanım provided very sincere assistance in collecting the documents in a complete and regular manner, sharing all necessary information with us and making the application. The biggest difference is that he does his job in a very professional and experienced way. Also the sincerity and ease of communication shown to the customer. I recommend it to anyone who wants to deliver their dreams to reliable hands. The most important feature is that your application is made regularly and completely.

In 2015, I started my education in Yıldız Technical University, Music Technologies. My father returned to Sydney that same year. And I wanted to live with my father, who I had been separated from since 2015, to share the same life, to spend a life with them, and now I will be able to do so thanks to you. I definitely feel happier and much more comfortable.