June 11, 2020

Mehmet & Elif

[Diploma program after language education] For special reasons, we decided to come to Australia in Fall 2018. After a long period of research and search, we decided to work with the Australian immigration and education agency. During the process, we contacted all the companies that you can possibly hear. The first moment that brought us closer to the Australian immigration and education agency, Feriha Hanım’s video on YouTube said, “We would like to include you in our family in Australia.” sentence. Now, it’s been about 2 months since I came to Australia and we have been understanding again and again how right we have made about the agency since that first moment. Without Mr. Ceren Güney, we would not have been able to complete our visa process, which we have been carrying out during a very difficult period of our lives.

Ceren Hanım was a part of our family during the visa process. He was thinking about every detail for us, sharing it with us and expressing what they would want for us, just in case it would not be difficult for you. It is truly impossible to describe this approach to interest, a person you do not know falls more on you than your closest person. In addition to all these, we contacted Ms. Feriha whenever we needed after we came to Australia and she always helped us with our questions; made us feel that we are not alone here.

I started writing as a valuable reader because if you are reading this article, you are probably dreaming of coming to Australia. My only advice to you is; I don’t know which way you plan to come, but whatever happens, be sure to contact the Australian immigration and education agency. Make sure you get the right information even if you’re not working! Is stone and soil gold? What are the challenges? Which education, which school will add what? Can I go? What will I encounter if I go? Only Ceren Hanım told us the truth about all these matters. For your information ????

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