September 2, 2020

Meryem + Tanıl

[Language education, specialist doctor, professional equivalence, and qualified immigration]

Feriha Hanım and Ceren Hanım did not spare their assistance in all necessary matters, including before, during and after applying for a visa. Above all, honesty, sincerity and disciplined working styles were very important to me. They shared with me what could happen in the process down to the smallest detail. They were not tired of answering all my questions with incredible sincerity and patience. I had full confidence in Ms. Feriha in her professionalism due to her years of experience. It was always positive but realistic.

During the visa application process, we mostly worked with Ms. Ceren and, despite her young age, who carried out her business with great care, just like her mother, she was a professional, but during this time she was a kind person who always came to my aid whenever I was in trouble. Despite my panic and hasty nature, they made this difficult process pass through with a very sweet excitement from stress. After the visa was issued, our communication with Ms. Feriha and the support during my adjustment period to Melbourne and the moments that I could not find in any other consultancy they gave for me were more valuable moments. Mrs. Feriha has always been more like a sister and a mother than a consultant for me. I know that whatever I do, I will not be able to pay for their labor.

Although we live above the standards in Istanbul, as you know, we moved to Australia 1.5 years ago and started a new life from scratch. America in secondary school, Canada after marriage, England and Finland after graduating from universities. After 5-6 years of failure of someone with a green card, we decided on Trump, the rain of one, the cold air of the others, and finally in Australia. Good thing we did! It is a wonderful place to live with colorful tropical birds and parrots on the street, cute possums running on the roofs at night and warm people. No stray cats and dogs. I don’t remember ever seeing garbage on the street. Your home or do not have to lock your car (we sometimes habits without having them lock Turkey :)) backpack zipper open wander usual, the winter coat while foot bare not usual, even under the most fashionable clothes from the toe or fuzzy slippers fashion sometimes car naked It is also usual to ride with bare feet in front of the door. It is rude to stare at someone or glaring at someone (this is also known as rude, but we have a problem in the practice part). Whether you are an engineer or a student, you can live in homes with magnificent gardens. It’s great to get out of work and go to the sea (ocean) or go out and have a picnic, some of the bike paths are even wider than cars.

Skyscrapers apartments are only in the center called city / CBD, except that everywhere is as green as possible. Almost everywhere is park. Logging has a fine, as in our country! What I love most, apart from its serenity and tranquility, is not being able to walk on the road, on the elevator, on the train, and smile at each other with people I don’t know before and say good morning. Of course, since I am a constantly smiling type, I did not have any trouble. Tanıl got his professional accreditation and started to do his own profession, I had very little time left.

For now, I am working as a fellow / observer at Royal Women’s Hospital.

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