June 11, 2020

Nihan + Berk

[Master’s Degree after Language Education] She has helped meticulously in determining a route on how to go to Australia and then in the language school and education visa application processes. We lived as if we were from one country, and now we are preparing to move to another country. We think our lives will change drastically in every sense. I have talked to many consultancy institutions. I work meticulously and regularly due to my profession and personality. I expect the same dedication when I get service myself. It is very important for me to be able to get clear answers to the questions I ask and to be understood correctly. The information shared with me by most of the other agencies I interviewed was so shallow that I could easily reach it on the internet, and even more seriously some of it was inaccurate.

When I did any master’s degree in law, I came across many companies that provide sales-oriented information with questionable accuracy, from being a lawyer to being a lawyer, to getting citizenship as soon as I could stay in Australia for 4 years. I could never work with an institution whose priority was only to sell, and who would never care about the troubles that a misdirection might cause in my life. Unlike other institutions, Ceren Hanım has always listened to me. He analyzed my features, resources and needs very well.

He was always honest and realistic, never tradering hope. He evaluated everything that could be done to create a better application file and made me feel that he was with me throughout the process. I think the biggest difference is this honest and devoted way of working. However, unlike most other companies, they have offices in Australia and have been providing this service only for Australia for many years, made me feel that they are experts in this field and gave me confidence. I highly recommend it. My suggestions have already happened, and I will continue to recommend them 🙂 The most important feature of the Australian Migration Agency is that they act like consultants, not traders. Your priority is not getting money; to do their job well, to achieve positive results in this way and to invest in trust and human relations.

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