September 2, 2020


[Language education]

Thanks to them, I am making my education career that I have targeted. I talked to many agencies, but most of them did not think it was possible for me to come to Australia Ceren Hanım and Feriha Hanım gave that hope and we succeeded. Mrs. Feriha and Ms. Ceren have been helping since the day I met. We took firm steps by examining the documents I collected in detail and they were helpful in all matters. They can return all the questions you have asked as a clear answer, and you can always reach them.

It is a great advantage for the friends who will come here that Feriha has an office in Australia. Feriha Hanım helped in the places where I had difficulty after my arrival. Ms. Feriha is very successful in creating solutions, she can give you a clear answer, she researches what to do in detail and helps you according to your plan and project. I know most agencies work by heart, but the Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A draws the way according to the documents you have by examining the details.

The Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A would definitely recommend it to your friends, and I did. One of the most important features is that Miss Feriha is in Australia and is interested in many issues.

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