June 11, 2020


From the first moment we spoke on the phone, he informed me to the smallest detail, such as what documents I needed, what awaits me in the country I went to in the most correct way, and even the weather in the country I went to, and the attitude of the people.

Making a new life in another country requires a huge decision and a certain process. After making this decision, our process as an individual begins. Your slightest mistake may cause this process to result negatively and you may suffer material and moral damage. Therefore, who you work with is very important. However, when you realize your plans and go to the country you have dreamed of, you start a new life again with the self-confidence of successfully completing this challenging process. A new life that you started with great power …

Our elders say, “if I had my current mind, I would do this, I would not do this”, this opportunity starts you back to life with this mind. Let me tell you for myself, thanks to the knowledge and experience of Mrs. Feriha, I started a new life in a decent country, full of self-confidence and feeling very strong. When you start making plans abroad, there will be many people who will try to help you, give advice and find consultants. Of course, you will find many offers and agencies on the internet. I went through the same process.

After I made my decision, an acquaintance living in this country gave me the number of an agency, I found the numbers of 2 different agencies on the internet and my aunt gave me the phone number of Mrs. Feriha. I took all the numbers in front of me and started calling them one by one. The other 3 numbers I spoke with asked me a few questions and they asked me to prepare the necessary documents and what documents they would send to my e-mail address. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Actually not. I understood when I spoke with Mrs. Feriha. Mrs. Feriha talked to me at length and asked about my goals clearly, and I explained it clearly. He explained how I had to follow a path to reach my goals. He wasn’t like the people on other phones. He really understood me and my goals and drew me a different path that I had never thought of.

I am talking about the knowledge and experience of Mrs. Feriha to all the people around me who have such plans and to my friends. It is an institution for me now. I advise everyone who has questions or problems about this subject to reach Feriha lady and get the healthiest information from there, and if they are pursuing an unlikely dream, they should apply to Feriha without wasting money and time in vain.

The Australian Migration and Education Agency / IEA-A took all the burden off me after I made my decision. He showed me the safest path to my goals. I just followed the tasks given to me, namely the paperwork. Mrs. Feriha has always been with me since the day we met. Sometimes I got very nervous during this process, it calmed me down. I always felt his support until I reached my goal. Right now, the support of the Australian Sydney idiom and Mrs. Feriha has never diminished, but has multiplied exponentially. Whenever I needed it, it delivered me the most accurate information as soon as possible.

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