September 2, 2020


[Undergraduate education]

I reached the IEA / A Australian Immigration and Education Agency upon an intensive recommendation of a friend of mine and I wanted them to be my agency as well. Actually, every person and institution is special for me, but Mrs. Feriha and her consultancy are more important. I can say that Ms. Feriha, besides being a complete expert in her very experienced business, follows the process very well, is a student, knows immigration policies and laws of Australia very well, is competent in her job, and is also a very patient and tolerant person. I can recommend Feriha Hanım and her agency to my friends with great pleasure and have already recommended this to many of my friends and relatives. Helping and counseling all their customers with the same care and dedication, knowing Australia’s education and immigration policies very well, directing people who want to obtain visas to the right path and as a result, ensure that they get a visa quickly. Taking care of their customers’ troubles as a relative rather than a customer.