September 2, 2020


[Subclass 476 was approved in 8 months]

First of all, many thanks for the great assistance throughout the process. I was standing in the middle of my career stuck with very less idea of ​​whats waiting for me. In this tenure how patiently Ceren ma’am responded to my queries was exemplary and I am utterly grateful for everything. I was searching for australian visa agents on internet and phone called most of them. This one came out as the most reliable for me as i could feel the professionalism in there work. The agency’s most important aspect was how well informed they were. Like I have friends who applied from other agencies, but their agents were not that much educated about every detail of the process. Ceren Ma’am surely was. The biggest difference is that they know how to value their customer, I knew that from my first talk with Ceren Hanim. I kept having numerous troubles and Ceren Hanim kept on clearing them up throughout the whole process.