September 2, 2020


The Australian Immigration and Education Agency / IEA-A had recommended my sister. He has always helped me with my school problems, visa renewal and visa problems. Feriha, I am someone who has spent 7 years with the help of our sister who has always been to me in my life in Sydney. He stands and will remain a very respectable person in the good day and bad. He gave us a lot of advice, advice and assistance whenever we had any problems. He is a very helpful person and an Education consultant who does his job thorough and smooth.

We are a well-equipped education consultant, full of information about education. Of course, we recommend our friends. Our mind is the first to come. It is full of advice and advice about education. I have lived in Sydney for 7 years. I came at a very young age, thanks to your sister Feriha, I have come here now. I completed my high school year completely here. Now I am preparing for university. I will start university as soon as possible. Good thing you are.