September 2, 2020


[Language education]

I started my Australian research with my consultant Ms. Ceren. First of all, I immediately got back to all my questions during this period. It was important for me to follow the process closely and to behave meticulously. All the necessary research was done and we decided on the most suitable school for me. I have come to the end of this process without any problems and I have received my visa. I am extremely satisfied with the result and the process I got.


I would like to talk briefly about my experiences and good memories about Australia. First of all, when I went to Australia, my English was as bad as possible. I chose a language school program of about 12 months while going. When my school started, I noticed that every day my English improved and I was able to use it actively. I met the beautiful friends and different cultures brought by the language school. I lived in Sydney and had the opportunity to travel to places like Goldcost and Melbourne with my friends. At the end of my 6th month, I realized that I was able to chat comfortably even with Australians without getting lost in them. This was my biggest dream when I went ?


Ms. Feriha helped me a lot from her Australian office. 8. At the end of the month after completing my English conversation with me via skype contact the company make that dream in Reno I decided to return to Turkey concluded positively. I am currently working as an SAP specialist in the IT department. Australia is really nice friends, the clerk has opened a door that I have dreamed of… See you soon Sydney…! 🙂

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