September 2, 2020

Yusuf + Pelin

[Subclass 309/100 is approved within 5 months (standard evaluation period is 13-21).

Also, the temporary and permanent visa type is approved at the same time] I came across the Australian Immigration Agency while researching Australian groups on Facebook. From there I contacted the agency and met with Ms. Ceren. When I said that I wanted to apply for a spouse visa, they checked our eligibility by requesting written information about us. Then they managed the entire application process. They were people who quickly responded to our requests and made them feel at work. If you are in Turkey have featured Ms. Ceren

I trusted Ceren Hanım and the Agency and entrusted her with this important process. They greatly reduced our worries about an issue that was unknown to us. They took us across from a bridge that we could not see in front of us. Thus, Ceren Hanım has the signature of an important turning point in our lives.

They care about their business and their customers. Nothing is left out. Every issue is followed meticulously. They care more about the process than you do. I had already recommended the Agency to a few people. People who are interested in the subject from the Agency and Att. I’m talking about Ceren Güney.

The most important feature of the Australian Migration Agency and Ms. Ceren is that they have ethical philosophical discipline in the norms that form the basis of their relations with the customer. They have systematic working methods that bring success, they’re smart, and they’re there.

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